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October 2015
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Keeping your Youth
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How to Find the Joy of Your Youth, Again.
When you think of youth, what’s one of the first things that come to mind? How about… Joy! You were happy you for the smallest reasons, you danced when you wanted to dance, you made friends within seconds of meeting someone new and everyday had the potential of being the “best day ever!”
Well, I’d like to offer you some insight on how you can enjoy that same joy you once had; or how to start living in joy, right this moment.
To begin with, learn to enjoy the little things. To achieve this, practice the art of mindfulness. This simply means, give your full attention to what you are experiencing, when you’re experiencing it. I can guarantee that you will be surprised how much beauty you will see and the joy you feel when experience the fullness of life. It takes practice, but you can do it!
Have you heard the saying, “Dance like no one is watching”? It seems the older we get, the harder this seems to be. However, I am not just talking about dancing in Target when your jam comes on, instead I am simply asking you to be yourself. When you are free to be your true-self, you are aligned with purpose and passion; and that sounds a lot like fulfilment and joy to me!
Be open to others. Have you ever seen two kids, who have never met before, and within five minutes they are old friends? This scenario is almost of unheard of the older we get. What is the difference in behavior? Kids are not worried about what the other kid thinks of them. Instead, they are too busy being themselves and sharing the joy of the moment together. No worries, no judgements, nothing but love.
Lastly, believing that there is always a possibility of something great to come brings excitement and joy! As children we think and say beautiful things like, “I could be anything!” or “I can do anything!” Although, sometimes as adults, we become just “realists.” However, the truth of the matter is, you can be anything, and you can do anything! It does require work and passion, but it’s possible. A possibility that gets your heart racing, ideas flowing and brings a smile to your face.
If there is one thing you will take from this, please remember it is never too late to be mindful, show your true-self, live with an open your heart, and believe in the possibilities. Joy is possible at any age!

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